Published March 30, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

wow am so excited to have this blog its like my online diary,i can write anything i want without being criticised,well this blog is gona cover every little detail hapening in my just a nobody,A young garla somewher in africa and lots and lots of interesting things happen around me and i never hav a chance to say something about them or just share them with other people who are not from here.iam a christian yes! 24 years with no kid,not married but at least i got a job as an IT consultanta for a world wide known company thats something right #wondering yes it is and am still staying with my mother #hides,yes i know yall shocked but yes iam staying with my mother,but can you believe the whole of my varsity days i was stayin alone with a friend it was so much fun i dont knw why i moved back because now we fight when i talk about moving out ‘mothers’,so frustrating,aniway i hope you will enjoy this…so excited…toodlees

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