Published March 30, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla


Well am in Africa and we are affected by lots and lots of diseases and guess what i think my people are ignorant,an awareness will be raised on a certain kinder disease thats very dangerous and maybe likely to be healed when caught in its early stages well with my people they only go to the hospitals when they fell very sick like when they fell they are dying i dont know why and we loose lots and lots of our loved ones.

well theres an awareness about cervic cancer and i did the test last year and the doctors where not sure of what they saw in me.i was so scared and the only thing that came to my mind was that i was gong to DIE and i kept quite about it because when people start to know something about you they look at you in a different way and start to pity you and that is the last thing i after a long time with doctors ,pills,sleepless nights today was finally the day i was getting the results and getting checked how i was and i gat the BAD and the GOOD news..the good news is am no longer taking pills and the bad news is its not that am safe at all so i have to see a doctor again in august for another pepsmear and that is when they will be sure iam fine fine fine like no suspicions of some sort then il be like a normal lady who do her pepsmear every after 12 months but iam so releaved i could make a party now but i wont make a party hahahaha.

i would really encourage all young females out there to go and do a pepsmear its not painfull trust me,well maybe a little but you wont die and its not like you wont be able to walk,just go before its too late.Next on ma health conscious staff is to do all blood tests for different diseases blood pressure,heart diseases,liver diseases just do a thourough test to make sure i really dont wana die young because of some disease.All in all iam so proud of myself right now :)…..ciaooo…         


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