80’s paRdie!!

Published April 18, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

well i cant believe i traveled 3hrs from the city i stay in to the other diamond city in my country for the 80’s party,well i know you would have too.Pity what i expected was not there it was just the name 80’S PARTY 80’S PARTY.i was expecting rainbow bright colors,stereos,records,disco lights,balloons,loud old music..everything looked like just a normal party,what a drag..but it turned out all right though ,i adjusted to the normal party so with the right company,the right drinks,the right music i saw the sun come out with out noticing.i expected this kinder gear though:(




anyway i heard its going to be an annual things so i will pass ma ideas to the  organizers and see how it will turn out, after all they say ‘be/do the change you want to see’…:)ciao


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