Relationship vs Friendship

Published April 25, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

If i was to choose between the two i would choose friendship,i always advice guys to opt to be friends with me than want a relationship with me.Just think about it if we where to be friends we are going to be *FOL* friends for life,we can even grow old together,we do lots of things together,we tell each other everything,get advice from each other,we are so free with each other,you can come for a sleep over at my house,you can sleep in my room even when am not there,you are part of my family,you get to know lots and lots of things about me that other people don’t know,i just care too much about you,we end up having that brotherly sisterly relationship which is so cool.Its rare to end,it lasts.

If you are in a relationship you have sex which i believe changes everything,you have to tolerate somethings that you not into for the sake of your partner,you are way too limited to doing somethings and not do somethings with each other,there can be cheating issues leading to heartbreaks,fighting about little things like insecurities,its just don’t like me,you choosing your friends over me blah blah blah blah bah blah..the drama never ends..and indeed it is  true that there is a very thin line between love and hate,one minute you can be over the moon about someone the next you cant stand them even their smell.all in all i think FRIENDSHIP lasts than a RELATIONSHIP,correct me if am wrong and if you do please tell me you are still in a relationship with your first lover*thank you*then i will listen.What can i say i its the world’s mysteries…


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