Extra Ordinary Bulk Buying

Published April 26, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Well i know you are probably thinking and referring bulk buying to groceries and stuff, NO! am referring to clothes, YES! buying clothes in bulk.This is way too interesting,i just discovered that one of my boys (a friend) doesn’t like shopping way too much,yah yah yah we know most guys don’t like shopping yet they go now and then shopping clothes,well not my friend.He hates shopping more so that he thinks its one of the boring things that were ever invented and he thinks that those people who consider shopping their hobbies/therapy/interest or whatever doesn’t know what they are really feeling/thinking when doing this boring thing.

So he thought [of a great idea that works for him that leaves him having knew clothes too] well i do have to wear new clothes and do away with old once too because fashion is dynamic.We all have to be atleast quarter to-to it.So he came up with the bulk clothing shopping thing,where he buys lots and lots,bungles and bungles,dozens and dozens of clothes once in  two years.I tell you if it was food i would say its like he is buying stock to cover him from starvation in two years for his survival as if its Noah’s flood yet again.

This guy knows what he wants when he gets in a shop where to find it and have a specific timing and that’s a short time obviously.He has specific expensive brands,each brand he buys something in the range according to all the colors available,for example,if its a polo golf t-shirt,he will buy the same design in various colors etc..

Same thing applies to shirts,jeans,trousers,jerseys,socks,underwear, i mean everything.He does his shopping in a rare order or manner,he doesn’t shop in any other shop.He has specific ones with all the brands he wants mostly boutiques.With all this bulk buying you will think he takes lots of time NO! he doesn’t because he goes straight to the shops he is fond of,go around picking things he wants,pays and go home.

I find it weirdly cute and i would love to have his kind as a hubby because i would know i am shopping for myself most of the times and he does his shopping once in two years and when he goes shopping i know he will be home soon.:) am flattered,i just had to share this,it was interesting to learn about it as it was my first time to hear about it…all i can say is WOW!!

HE IS A GENIUS,MONEY SPENDER,TIME SAVING,BORED SHOPPER.And ooh i love the part where he gives away his old clothes to other people,expensive,durable designer clothes we talking about.God is always smiling at him when he does that because the gospel tells us that ‘lucky is the hand that gives than that receiving’.

Check it out:

I think you got the picture of what my friend is all about when it comes to shopping,guess how much he usually spends *WAITING* nope..close to 20 000 if not more (your eyes wide open) no need to give me that look,think about it,you buy clothes now and then in two years how much money do you think you would have used up?EXACTLY close to that much.Now coming to think of it this friend of mine is always clean and very smart and i never question him about his fashion sense and shopping take.WOW!! yah WOW!!…I hope this will help most people out there who are not fans of shopping especially men but still have to look good…

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