Published April 26, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

wow this is so cool,as i browsed the net not knowing what i was going to write about today i came across this an i found my birthstone,what its about and what it entails, i really edge you to follow this link to check out your birthstone and maybe buy something *a jewellery* that has your birthstone in it.My birth month is February so here is what it is:

Birthstone of February
Source :Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Western Australia, Morocco, South Africa, Madagascar, India
Amethyst is a variety of quartz found as crystals or masses. It’s classic purple color, often noted as the color of royalty, is due to manganese and iron inclusions. It occurs in igneous and metamorphic rocks, though it has been noted that the best varieties are often found in granite cavities (geodes). Amethyst is interesting in that it varies greatly from one location to another, and experts can identify the source mine of the specimen based purely on visual inspection. The color of Amethyst is unstable and can diminish with protracted exposure to sunlight. Amethyst can also be heat-treated to produce the yellow of the rarer quartz variety, Citrine.
Amethyst is used for soothing the mind and re-balancing the spirit. When warn, it protects against negative vibrations, healing and easing pain, purifying blood, and encouraging sleep. It reduces bruising and swelling and treats hearing disorders. Amethyst enhances new ideas, facilities the decision making process, and is stress reliving. It has also been suggested to tone down drunkenness. This particular gem is traditionally associated with St. Valentine, and therefore strongly symbolizes love and friendship.







It is so beautiful,i know i love green and all but this stone is be-au-ti-ful,nature’s artwork at its best.Check out some of its jewelry below:

Am in love with this i see my neck with it already…

             OOOH!!! *breath-breath-breath*..someone marry me with this ring..

#drooling…am crazy about watches so this i will sleep with,go everywhere with it,church,shopping,work,meeting ups,and i think i would even talk to it *Eyes Wide Open* yeah i know  crazy huh!!,i just wish its water proof because i would love to take a shower and swim with it….FANTABULOUS [meaning fabulous from my personal invented vocabulary dictionary]…


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