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Published April 30, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Botswana is a country in southern Africa known for PEACE and all but this week at a town called MOLEPOLOLE *my mother’s hometown* there was no peace at all.Things that are usually seen on TV in American movies happened right in the eyes of my cousin and others who where there at that point.It all happened at a police station *my cousin went there to certify some legal documents*,apparently there was a case about this other police man was accused of fraud,working with cow thieves and stuff and he was found guilty*i still think this incident is very stupid*OK! from court they came in to the police station, the policeman who was found guilty and the  station commander [who was sent from Gaborone *the Capital city* to listen to the issue,show the guilty guy he is guilty and stuff],no one noticed that this policeman was armed wt his personal gun *i thought when someone was under investigation was suppose to be checked to see if he was armed or not because you can trust a person,lucky him he was trusted i guess*, as the station commander from Gaborone left the police station heading back to Gaborone,the guilty policeman got in to his car followed him in a rush like in need for speed shot the guy straight on the head from behind,his*the one shot* car lost control went off the road to crush on another car, this guy *the guilty policeman* came to the side and double shot him again on the side *he had an agenda to really have him dead huh* the man died obviously and can you believe this happens few meters away from the police station,just imagine.The guilty policeman now took a u-turn back to the police station still holding the gun rushed into the building making noise calling another police guy who he wanted to shoot too,just imagine all this happens in a police station#REMINDING YOU *thought guns are always near for emergencies and stuff at the police station*,luckily the police man called saw him coming through the window he dodged with the other door *@ this point all the policeman are rushing running around for cover,many running from 1*and ran to the main road where he luckily caught a taxi and the taxi man scared rushed away.The guilty guy when he rushed outside he*the 1 who rushed in a taxi* was nowhere to be seen he stood there in front of lots of people and took the gun to his chin and shot himself.A total nightmare, all people who saw that incident are booked for therapy as some don’t sleep at night, some are being admitted at the hospital for mad people, its just too crazy *the devil’s doings*.And my cousin is still in shock too he cant stop shaking and talking about the incident.

This whole thing doesn’t make sense i still don’t know why these policemen were so careless to not search this guy as he was on their hands,why the didn’t follow him when he followed the station commander,why they didn’t do something they are trained for *hands on ma head*.

May their souls rest in peace and may the good LORD have mercy on the killer#a moment of silence please…