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Zahara brings it home!!

Published May 2, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

I wont say iam supprised, hey ,this lady been bussy workin hard with her music,shows,tours and all,she deserved all she got.The 18th nnual MTN South African Music Awards where held on the 30TH April and my Girl ZAHARA left haters with mouths droped open like what did they expect, Zahara did her thing,this is just a treat and the beginning more is still to come.Iam xhosa and she is Xhosa thats why am crazy,theres a sayin that says ‘when one of us go big we all go big’.iam so excited for her..she is a great ambasodor to the Xhosa people.Can yall believe she scooped 6 awards if not more…#eyes wide open..i knw right..(count with me) 1.Best Smooth Urban Music Album Zahara for Loliwe,2.Best Collaboration Zahara featuring Georgy for Incwad’Encane,3.Special Award:  Best Selling Album Loliwe by Zahara,…*are you there still counting with me?* 4.Newcomer of the Year Zahara for Loliwe,5.Female Artist of the Year Zahara for Loliwe,6.Album of the Year Loliwe by Zahara #bow….*BRAVO…. BRAVO…. BRAVO* #CLAPhands..its a wrap…CONGRADULATIONS GIRL #screaming

AND CONGARULATIONS TO Micasa.. love them to bits too….they scooped 3 awards..woooooow…you go boys..AKA scooped two awards ..way to go man…i love young as he is this is an archivement and CONGRADUALTIONS to all others who got some awards keep working hard.:)


Published May 2, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Interesting one huh,a babyshower in the bush,last saturday i attended my cousin’s babyshower in the bush and guess what,ladies had to bring their men,it wasnt the one we used to where ladies will be in a private place and guys come later on NO! we both *men&women* sat together at the same time.Ithink it was cool because the couple was there and they answered questions asked together,holding hands..ooh it was so cute and we had it like a picnic,camp chairs gathered around,cooler boxes,catered food, music and animals moving around oooh wow it was so cool.Chilling away from the noise of the city and all in to the wilderness for fun.i LOVE NATURE…and I love babies i cant wait for her baby to come #giggles.The theme was red and yellow,bright colors very beautiful.check how i put togetha the theme below:                                                                          AWWWWWWWWWW…TOO HOT…*giggles*


Published May 2, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

1ST of May it was a holiday in Botswana so as i said before we the blacks never rest on holidays ,we are always running around doing our own other stuff that we couldnt do because we get caught up with work.I had to run around the city paying bills and other errands and i went to visit my Grand father#myMother’s Dad in a town 30min drive away from the was fun and it just felf good to spend time with my granny asking me about work..marriage *you know they always have to ask about marriage eish*..anyway i hope my fellow Tswanians enjoiyed this holiday.