Published May 4, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Wow talking somethimes helps even though am not a talkative person yestday it worked,i owe my cousin money and she owed someone who happened to be  a groom to be,so my cousin wanted me to meet the groom and pay him for her and then she tells me he will be gettin married soon in south africa the wedding will be elegant, invited only, there will be bodyguards and all(i had cinderela on ma mind)…so i ask her to go with me she tells me she cant because am not invited, i say, ‘ok ,iam going to meet this groom and he is going to invite me’,i meet the groom after work a very friebndly young man(the fiance is lucky i must say) then i softened him up  a bit with jokes then we got to the point of my invitation and walllah!!!iam invited to the most elegant wedding ever in JOHANESBURG AND PRETORIA (SOUTH AFRICA )on the 1st of September,so now i have to think of what to wear and i came across the following ideas….                                                         This is beautiful just never tried the one hand style…

                                                   YES!black is beautifull but this a wedding am attending…

                                                                             LOVE is in the air…YES!!

please help with ideas….i was not invited to any wedding i asked for it now am stressed#crying….


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