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Published May 10, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

This morning,i just came to work in a good mood…me being the happy person iam walking under the grace and the favour of the boss comes in we talk about how they(high management) dont care about us(the employees)¬† these days,like we have had a meeting long time ago so we must set another one because we have a lot to disscuss,i go on talking about how they must increase our employee loans looking at how live is difficult and all these live we talked i pointed out another issue that not only bothered me but most of the employees,that they do not fully teach us or or let us go deep in to this system we are analysing at work..we only install it,configure it and know a bit about it and they (the bosses) dont let us help the clients with the deep things in it..they just allow us to do minor things to an extend that when he(the boss) is not in the office and i get a client call wanting help with the deep thing in the system i cannot help because am not allowed to get deep there.He exploded arguing(remember this was a talk between the boss and the employee just a simple talk)telling me i sit around not doing anything,iam supose to teach myself because they(the bosses) taught them selves the system,i cant only focus on hardware and some softwares that i know i must teach myself things,we(black people) like to sit around and complain all the time ,we like to be taught things….*MyEyesPopingOut*

At this point am calm trying to show him he is my employer,he is not supose to behave like this,he is the one who is suppose to decide what i do in his company and he should be gratefull that i want to know part of his job so that when he is not there i help him,which means no work load for him,NOoooooo he decides to argue with me,he must learn to deal with his stress not take it out on me(or us)..i was so hurt…i even told him to fire me,i wanted to go home,and again i was there thinking that the other time i wanted to resign¬† he refused now i try to help both of us he acts like this FINE…God(MY companion) gave me strength not to act irational,i opted to keep quite the whole day,later on he try talking to me, to make me laugh (without an apology like nothing happened,i dont think so)i was just seriuos..and i think that is just how it is going to be from now on,when he is not in the office am not going to take his calls,am not going to help him with anything but just focus on my part of work,he even forgets he doesnt know anything on hardwares i know his machine will give him problems and he will know my name and how to be nice.*SighofRealif*am glad this day is ending andi have decided to attend a very powerful servcice at church to relax and maybe GOD will tell me to forgive and forget which is obviously what he is expecting me to do..i dont need stress for iam a happy person….