Published May 14, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

As you know it was mothers day yesterday i couldnt be anti-social and ignore my mother on her day,it was her day so i did her hair (plaiting),took her for lunch,presented gifts to her and went to church together.It was a day really well spent,i love her so much and i thank GOD for HE love me so much to still be keeping ma mum alive and i just wana say you might not be a mother yet but you may be a girlfriend,a wife,a sister,an aunt,a God mother what matters is that you are a woman ,you are a creature that gives live,you are a potential mother,my wish is that you all enjoyed MOTHER’s Day with joy,happiness knowing that GOD loves you woman and HE made us*women* strong,thats why we always have smiles on our faces regardles of what we going through inside..since i didnt take any pictures of my mother or of other mothers in my life i opted to share with you my favourite celebrity mothers.

Since am not a mother i would like to believe motherhood is the best part of a woman..i just cant wait to have my own child,well first i must get the husband lol…

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