Equality Cup

Published May 18, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

This is one of the Bigest event i never want to miss in Gaborone,Botswana, it hapens annually,and this year it is titled Equality cup 3.0 as it is its 3rd year.This soccer tournaments aims to bring together all local brands and have them compete in a mixed gender tournament where only the females are allowed to score. so it is my second year there.

This was when i attended last year

This is what i wore this year

Chiilling on grass…

Drinks be sold

The ground

We be chilling on camp chairs…this game got people focused i see no one being anti social*busy on a phone*

No fashion sense lost..ladies be still looking fly

Teams in action

I RUN GABS CITY ..a local brand paticipating

Happy faces…

Fans running around singing for their teams…

And i would like to congradulate MONKEY CLASS for holding the title this year as they are the winners,shame i do not have their pictures, honesty didnt think they would win*kidding*am just jealous my team didnt win and am not going to say its name…untill next year Equality cup ciao…

photograpgy by:K.O Photography,www.kophotography.co.bw

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