Published May 23, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

ooooooooh wow mouth watering…this is too beautifull awww. i think i want a baby now to get a baby shower like this….


it was a crazy weekend…

we (my friend, tiffany, and i) baked, piped, iced, floured, shaped, rolled, dyed, mixed, burned, and actually taste tested for 22 hours.

here’s another “blog in pictures” that i will caption for you all. i co-hosted a baby shower for a friend, and although a million things went wrong (i totally burned a batch of lemon cupcakes…what in the world!?), the best made it on the tables. haha.

oh, and if timing couldn’t be any better, our friend gave birth today! almost 24 hours after the baby shower, baby ashton was born. there was a miscalculation in due dates and how far along our friend was, but she was very aware of her body and knew that ashton was not going to make it another month. so i’m glad we all got to enjoy the food and fun and desserts, because if the baby was…

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