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STREET STYLE:B&W in stripes

Published June 15, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Yes yet another street style from your favourite black girl lol…Yes i came accross this lady first things i saw was how interesting her look was and when i was bussy thinking of what i was going to say to her to agree to let me take her a picture i realised she was my ex classmate from high school  as i came closer..WOW!*God is truly with me everywhere i go* :)boy was i lucky or was i lucky..the asking strategy got easier and my heart wasnt pumping anymore that fever just flew away and my heart smiled,we got excited..

Me:oh wow what happened to your hair?

Her:yes i did do it….

Me:#EyesWideOpen….(she cut her beautiful dread locks that where growing so healthly)..No you did not..oh no no no no!Lurd have mercy on her for she have sinned by cutting the most innocent thing you ever gave her to take care of and she got impatienet with it…(lol -now but then i was seriously not believing it)

(We hugged and yah explained my blog and asked for a pic which ended up multiplyin to pics and she agreed..#BBMdance)

Yes i know you are wondering about the rasta guy,he is her friend and he had to be in da pix,just imagine it the shoot came with her pros and cons not mine hehehehehehe…but am greatful i took the outfit anyways…:)



Justin Combs’s issue

Published June 15, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

I think yall have heard the issue of Justin passing with a 3.75GPA and was offered a schoolarship and the world is making a furse out of it,they want the kid to forget the schoolarship because he doesnt need it as there are unprivilaged kids out ther who needs it more than him.

So what is your take on this one friends?do you think he should keep the schoolarship money because he worked hard for it just like any other kid or he shouldnt because his father *p Diddy* is rich as heavens?

Looking forward to hearing form you guys…