Reader appreciation award

Published June 20, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

I really really appreciate this award and i would like to thank my sweet beautiful friend of check her blog out it is very cool,she has very pretty interesting kids who she talks about,she can really motivate mothers out there…Thank you so much darling for nominating a re a true star…#hugsandkisses

ok so for you to possess this award there are rules and they are as follows;

1)Thank the person who nominated you,linking back to their blog(DONE)

2)tell  some things about yourself

I love coke,i love coffee,i love the clolor green,iam single,iam a woman of God,i get stomach ache when am nervous#hides,iam the mature one in all of my friends and they come to me for advice even my mother,my father,big brother and sister come to me for advice.i love and care too much easily,its easy for me to forgive and forget,i own a clothing label,Bow wow was my first crush#blushblush,i used to dance african traditional dance and got prices for it,iam a good actor infront of my mirror lol,i love Capetown(most beautiful city in south africa) with all of my heart

3)nominate other blogs with links

i nominate;


4). let the nominees know that you chose them(DONE)








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