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Published July 24, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

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Finding it hard to keep up the passion in a long distance relationship?Help might be on its way.Technology is now taking another toll hey,as a robotics professor in Singapore has invented a gadget equipped with motion-sensitive electronic ‘lips’ that allow separate (by distance) couples to exchange long distance smoochies via interenet.It is shaped like a small head with oversize silicone lips,called the kissenger,short for kiss messenger.With Kissenger, you can remotely send a kiss to another person: All you have to do is kiss it. Created to provide a “novel way of transferring a kiss through interactive digital media,” the Kissenger works by first capturing the pressure patterns you create with your lips before recreating it, with the help of actuators, on your other half’s globular kissing assistant.So me as i have been in long distance relationships most of my life maybe this would have helped lol.Long-distance relationships are hard,when you want to hold and kiss your baby you cant but just hear his voice on the other end of the phone or only touching the computer screen while skyping. Many people would ask, how can you stay together when you’re far apart? This is where Kissenger–the kiss-transmitting robot–comes in.

Couples just have to connet the devices to computers via usb cables,link up online and start kissing the silicone material to trigger the sensors that move the gadget on the other side.The creator Hooman Samani says “the main issue is to transmit the force and pressure,and also the shape of the lips.The silicone material chosen for the lips offers;the best sensation and feeling.”

Hold your horses now,This device is still being refined in the laboratory its not yet in the market so the creator says “kissing is a very intimate think so in order to have a product in the market which is going to deal with this issue we have to do proper studies and investigation on the social and cultural point of view”.Samani call his field of study “Lovotics”,research into the relationship between robots and humans and the kissenger is just one of the several devices being developed by his team.

So wait there patiently  for your solution…lol…now i must look for a guy far knowing we will be kissing anytime we want thinking a hot Japanesse or korean hunky…or an Itallian with that sweet sexy accent …or maybe a Fit Black american straight from New york…hook me up friends lol..:)