Published July 30, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Iam sorry guys i went mute last week,my computer crushed so it took me a while to fix it.I thank you guys that you are still my lovely friends i love yall and missed yall a lot…And my sweet friend of made a special comeback for me by presenting me with this lovely award of one lovely blog award and am so over the moon..i love receiving awards because it shows that people are so appreciating what i offer them and i get so motivated.I would like to present to her my THANK YOU VERY MUCH topped with cherries and strawberries accompanied by my heart,hugs and kisses.You too sweet love..mwaaah…


So this award comes with conditions and here is what i have to do to keep it…;

1)    I need to thank the person who nominated me.(I did and thank you and thank you again)

2)    Share 7 things about myself that you still may not know.

#I have the guidance and couselling tribute within me that comes natural:)

#Somehow i find my self friends with all of my exes,like it just happens but the best part is that we have boundaries we never go back there you know.

#i got burnt on my thigh when i was 2 years old,am left with the scar.

#I am a movie addict,i love movies like its so weird sometimes to people who dont understand the fun i have when watching movies especially when am watching alone.

#Iam a quite person and i got that from my dad,you should see us when its only the two of us,we always caught up in our own worlds speaking in signs and enjoying each other’s company,he is the only person who understands that i enjoy my quiteness and its not usually because am stressed or have a lot going on in ma mind but just a peacefull moment.

#When i love i love and when i hate i hate (have to work with this “HATE”part for my christain life hey)

#I enjoy reading a bible like a novel…:)

3)    Nominate 15 bloggers.(here as they follow)
















4)    Notify the nominees that I have done so.(done)

5)    Put a logo of the award on my site.(will be done after publishing in a minute)



26 comments on “ONE LOV3LY BLOG AWARD

  • such nice post … !!! 🙂 u welcome sweety pie … and u know u deserve it !! 🙂 and got to know more about you .. even i am a Christian , but i feel u should easily forgive people who hurt u … 😛 cos they will take advantage of ur sweetness !! .. this is an advice given to me by my best friends 🙂

    • true that honey bunny am so working on that one as i feel it will be a barrier between me and HIs grace i shall be His vessel…so i have another christian blog…i would love to feature you in it…giving a testimony or just saying something about your relationship with God or share an advice to other young christians…please sweets…the blog is new…check it out for the advice love…mwaah….:)

      • yeah sure i will check it out … i really dnt like christianity much 😦 though i am born in jewish christian family , i have a sense towards budhism and hinduism

      • what Christianity taught me from childhood is , god over looks every step u make , every decision u make … and he is always der for u ….. but from my life i found its not true … but according to hinduism or budhism , life flows as its written on the chart of fate , u cant alter it … and the experiences u have in this life has connection with the previous life … and i feel that’s true !! cos it answered my many unanswered questions !!! i dunno dear .. , i dont have that trust in bible which i had when i was 10 or 15 … life just made me have another opinion !!

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