Stalking Celebrity style(SCS)-Toya delazy

Published July 31, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

i LOVE HER SO MUCH…just from her cazyness to her fashion sense,her hair,music EEVVVVV-RY-TING.She goes by the name Latoya Buthelezi musically she go by Toya Delazy. She originates from Shaka Zulu roots in the Zululand,South Africa.She went for a boarding school at the age of 6, and thats where her love of piano was stirred up and her musical arena came from.She is more into looking unique like; she mixes vintage,urban,sporty,punkish and African sense to her style,and BOOOOy does she love bright color phela(yeah after all) its the in thing so why not….lets look into her STYLOOOO;

awwwwwwww…so energetic…stylish…she got the swagger…Shes a dIva the female version of a husler…love her…

images coutersy of google images,,Joanne Olivier photography (Thank you)

you can stalk her more on ,@ToyaDeLazy <tweeter>,




9 comments on “Stalking Celebrity style(SCS)-Toya delazy

    • hahhaha you just seat down few minutes have someone plait you on the sides then you keep on picking up the remaining unplaited hair everyday which takes less time..then you good to goo…doesnt take time on maitaining it…

    • wow thats so sweet and that makes the two of us…i so love herrrrr…and her song ya are you gonna stay the video is so sweet…so she didnt try to be anybody else..a simple video yet very nice..bheeersss to that hey

    • hella it toooo hey..she is being her self while killing the mullar @the same time..:)thanks for passing by..means a lot love

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