Published September 11, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Onthe 9th of  september ie this last sunday it was my mother’s birthday.Funny enough she always forgets her birthday but this time she did not forget and she was so excited because it was on a sunday.She woke up in a praising mood and she went to church with my lil sister and i was left behind with my other sister,cousin and a family friend and we planned a suprise for her.We prepared a BBQ typer lunch,rushed and bought her a cake,snacks and just those simple things because she never make a fuss about her birthday or like other people making a fuss about it.She was supprised when she came home because she didnt see it coming.We are glad she loved it and she was so happy…She is the one who made me who iam now,i love her soo much and i thank GOD that i still have her,its a blessing because some kids long lost their mothers.It was a day filled with love,joy,happines,laghter,going down memoy lane,too bad ma dad was not there but His shout out brought a huge smile on her face.bit of pix below…

Ndiyakuthanda kakhulu ma!!!!(i love you so much)

kisses and hugs were at a very cheap price for mama…LOL

We had pap(meali meal),salad,braaied meat and veges gravy,then the cake..yippeee…ma lil sister suggested we springle crushed chocchiped buscuits on top of the cake hahahahahahhaah it was nice tholol…

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