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STREET STYLE:i love them green

Published September 12, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

You can imagine how i felt when i saw this hottie rocking green from head to really,he had me where he wanted.With my favourite color??? GOSH….He  killed it like i give him 10/10 for this outfit.I kept teasing him with the camera he holding,saying he shows he is a tourist lol….he is a good friend of mine all the way from Mozambique he visited his parents who stays in Botswana,Gaborone and he fell on the rightful capable hands of a sweet,jolly person lol thats moa…to show him around and keep him entertained,and i was supprised that batswana women are seriously stereo typed,He heard we dont speak proper english,we are cheats,after money,too much AIDS,tricky people.But he saw the opposite and am glad he got to witness for himself that we are not what people say we are….though am half South African Nd half Tswana i represssent both nations…and another thing that caught his eyes was the big sized women hahahahahhahahahahaha..i told him..welcome to Africa babe…Thanx for being ma street style model lovie… the best and you rock….misss you….


Published September 11, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Onthe 9th of  september ie this last sunday it was my mother’s birthday.Funny enough she always forgets her birthday but this time she did not forget and she was so excited because it was on a sunday.She woke up in a praising mood and she went to church with my lil sister and i was left behind with my other sister,cousin and a family friend and we planned a suprise for her.We prepared a BBQ typer lunch,rushed and bought her a cake,snacks and just those simple things because she never make a fuss about her birthday or like other people making a fuss about it.She was supprised when she came home because she didnt see it coming.We are glad she loved it and she was so happy…She is the one who made me who iam now,i love her soo much and i thank GOD that i still have her,its a blessing because some kids long lost their mothers.It was a day filled with love,joy,happines,laghter,going down memoy lane,too bad ma dad was not there but His shout out brought a huge smile on her face.bit of pix below…

Ndiyakuthanda kakhulu ma!!!!(i love you so much)

kisses and hugs were at a very cheap price for mama…LOL

We had pap(meali meal),salad,braaied meat and veges gravy,then the cake..yippeee…ma lil sister suggested we springle crushed chocchiped buscuits on top of the cake hahahahahahhaah it was nice tholol…

Tradition rebooted

Published September 11, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

History was remade after a 30years gab at the GA-Maelete village(Ramotswa) on the 1st of Septermer as a regime of 334 men was welcomed back from a month long initiation at Tsokwane(a bushy place).This tribe is lead by a female chief and am so proud of her for bringing back something that have been put asside by most of the tribes in Botswana.

At these initiations men are taught and prepared to be real men and no one is allowed in their camp or to know what happens in the camp as the whole country is notified about it and no airplanes are allowed to pass by the camp.In this particular time two young school boys went and spyed on the camp and they were caught,if you are caught spying you have to join the camp,no negotiations.Lots and lots of rules are strictly followed.

It was a big day,happy smiles,traditional songs,ullulations,traditionsal wear every where when they were being welcomed back.we are glad they all managed to come back safe no one died craving cappucinos or salads or missing his blackberry and laptop lol…have some few pictures to show you how it was…enjoy

Proud Mothers,wives,grannies,siters and women of the community wearing traditional wear to respect and welcome the men

These necklaces are made from wild fruits seeds,He missed coke hey…hehehe,they get a piercing,not with the machines but needles and wires..

Here was after the ceremony they take each other half way,like those who are from nearby villages were taken halfway by their fellows

They are wearing leather,even that short is leather and the shoes too are made with leather,ropes

They use these horns as trumpets….to warm the villagers of their arrival when they are still on their way

Mirror mirror

Published September 11, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and asked yourself what people see when they look at you?i do all the time,just wondering what they think of me then come to a conclusion that it doesnt matter but what God think of me does and i choose to fear him for the fear of God is beginning of wisdom and trust me i have grown to be very wise lately thanx to God lol.And i also sometimes wonder if am going to leave a mark like when i die what will people remember me with….so for my family i know when am not there they do feel my absence because i entertain them with jokes and my name means ‘someone who brings light’ so i always warm them up and i take lots of pictures and tell them am doing it for them so that when am gone they will have plenty of pictures of me even videos of me so that they dont forget my voice.

I look at myself and see someone who most people look up to,my little sisters are proud to call me their older sister because of my nature,i never failed my family or dissapointed them as they look up to me and i made it my responsibility to be what i want them to be and they are turning just like that,someone who turned out to be what other people never thought she could be,like with stereo types and all of beautiful people always using their looks to get what they want,beautiful people have no value because they are wanted by everyone..i broke all those stereotypes..i set my goals and i achieved  them,someone who is strong even in  times where she shouldnt,someone who always gives advice and always there for people,am someone who loves easily and care for anyone who comes into my life,i smile at strangers sometimes and that smile i get back i feel at peace that i caused it on a random person and they gona go like ‘a strange girl made me smile today” see i left a mark on a stranger and i believe we are not strangers for we are created under one sun by one God…..I love you all friends…so what do you think of me and what do you think people say about you?

New Discovery:GINGER flavoured roiboos

Published September 5, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Me being Dorah the explorer i have been on duty lately  studyin men walk and i discovered a lots of them walk funny hahahahahahahhahha….just take your time and check their walk you will see the funny thing am talking about havent checked my dad’s walk though lol..any way another discovery that i came across was the ginger flavoured rooibos,well i love the smell of it and ginger is healthy making ice tea with, it is the future too so go ahead and try it…you wont regret it,since am a coffee addict and am told coffee is not good for healthy reasons i try  replace it with this rooibos to reduce my intake of coffee dont want to die young you know…hope you like what i shared hey…



Published September 4, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla


(skirt-jet;sandal-edgars;shirt-legit;white scarf-jet;jewelery-jewelery box)I have always loved blue,and since royal blue has swept the whole blog sphere with a storm i had to do my part too.When i saw this skirt i didnt even ask if i had the money,i had to take it home.I love its design,the high and low design.Pairing it with white was on my mind,i wore this outfit to church and i felt good people looking at me lol…hope you love it too…..

Any recommendations of which other color to be paired with royal blue friends will be appreciated,halla…..

I heART her BIKER boots

Published September 3, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

She is 7 years old,she is my lil sister and already she wants to be me or more than me…like she loves fashion,she is always aware of whats hapening in the fashion industry and she puts outfits together for herself.I mean she is an up coming fashionista,when other kids her age cry for dolls at shops she cry for make up,nail polish and nice clothes.She tells me she wants to keep her body the way it is now,she likes ice teas,salads and eats small portions and sometimes she doesnt eat at night or if she does she springles lemon in her food hahahahahahahahahahhaahha..crrrrazy child i tell you..she talks like a grown up….she will ask me about my exes,why am single,when am i getting married and stuff…and honestly i get most advice from her lol although we find her very odd she kicks behind at school,she passes like she is a robot or something she is always number one in her school for the whole grade like overal.Can you believe she started talking at 1 and half years and she never started talking like babies do,like my other young sister when she was little and wanted to say PHOMOLO (thats my name) she would sound like PHOLLLLO but this one she pronounced most words clearly and as she grew up she was just perfecting her vocabuloury only,i think its because my mother was eating lots of  sea food when she was pregnant with her and i heard when you want a clever child you must eat lotsa sea food when pregnant and am so gonna do that lol..well hope you will love the outfit of our lil fashionista but i love her boots more they are the reason why i featured her,ever since i started this blog she was begging me to let her do a feature for kids fashion or feature her (can you imagine this child) i guess she won me with these boots and she gonna be so excited and she gonna tell her friends to check her out in the net as she rolls with the bigger fashionistas about brag queen..did i tell you she already do sleep overs at friends’ places….mmmh yah she does and i only did those when i was 17, time really changed hey…