Published October 4, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

In my life i have learnt that people who come into our lives they come for a reason.They may come so that you bring light and guidance to them and they can  come to do the same for you.I have always been greatful for every single person who ever came in contact with me because they all brought a lesson i learnt one way or the other.Regardless of whether they brought pain to me or joy,i always say what is life without good or bad,pain or joy,laughter or sorrow?That is why even our days are made up of day and night,darkness and light.There is time for every thing and now am just greatful for these friends that i made a year ago,most of them are younger than me,i believe they came to my life for a reason.They are my chosen family,we cry and rejoice together,though we are divided by a border between South Africa and Botswana we still into each other’s everyday lives.Its true that distance is never a barrier.A week ago they came to support one of our friend who had a dinner/party as this year she was turning a big healthy 25….best times ever…and i saved you guys some pictures so feast your eyes…



2 comments on “CHOSEN FAMILY

  • Loved the photos… Well captured… Every moment in life has a reason… What you have written is indeed true… People enter our lives with a purpose… They add meaning making it worth living… I always thot that its only india and pakistan that are separated due to political differences.. but then seem to be borders everywhere and in the end, its love, peace and friends that make it invisible… Loved yr post… Muahzz…

    • awwwww great comment..thank you so much am glad we agree on thi hey..i really really appreciate your comment and your presence here in ma blog,i shall be following you….

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