Random:Quilty sweet treats

Published November 28, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Schools been closed and this gets me in the mood of indulging in my favourite treats and not even worrying about the killos ama put on.Iam even bored with work and just too lazy to wake up every morning alone while everyone in my family is sleeping,sucks a lot.Its so frustrating againg because i dont have a concrete plan for festive,last year this time i was not single and the man made plans this year who is gona make plans and involve me?no one because my girls are grown they gat lil families and they go on holidays with them,i just wish it could be january already.Work on the other hand  sucks because our contract is coming to an end, there are no other projects to work on so we have to be released and be jobless by January.I dont even have the edge to apply for  a new job,what is wrong with me GOD….

Anyway there is a bit interesting part,we have decided to start a boutique,me ,my brother and his girlfriend we are even travelling to South Africa next week to go buy stock thats the most exciting part and i cant wait..:) you know me and travelling are like buddies we just too much inlove with each other.What do you guys have planned for festive?Any suggestions of what i can do?plizzzz HEEEELLLLLPPP!!!!!!#screaming

Picked my current fav treats….


Treat me to any of these and we will be best of  friends lol..well yah i know January i will be in the gym 24/7 paying for all this lol…

2 comments on “Random:Quilty sweet treats

  • Awwwwww…… I hope that you are able to apply for another job when this contract ends…… and the boutique sounds like an awesome idea too!!!!!!!!!….. all the best with your plans….. and yea I know all about being single…… I Hate it too!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hahahahahahahahhahayes hey..i need someone to help me plan,to get me flowers nd suprise me lol..yes hopefully i will get a job soon..the boutique i came bck and managed to buy stock..yeeeeeyyy..lets ma ke this paper….:)

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