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Published November 30, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Lately things that were done back then in the old times have returned and they are given a fancy name *VINTAGE* and this style have been takenĀ  from head to toe,like everything is retouched from the old times and am in love with the braiding.Just searched some inspiration from the net as i want to braid this weekend and am looking for a more fun and funky style to go with the festive mood…here are my picks

156392-334x500-Partial-braids156301-368x500-Teen-with-Braids156302-334x500-Microbraidsbox-braids-hairstyles5box-braids-hairstyles3box-braids-hairstyles4box-braids-hairstyles1box-braids-hairstyles9braiding-hairstyles10braiding-hairstylesbox-braids-hairstyles11box-braids-hairstylesbox-braids-hairstyles10156307-334x500-Black-braidskinky-twist-hairstyles5kinky-twist-hairstyles8kinky-twist-hairstyles1kinky-twist-hairstyles9box-braids-hairstyles8 ;

Check out some of the individual braids i did my self and i was plaiting myself guys its easy



Iam crazy about all of the above like its madness i dont know wch one to pick…which one is your favourite gauys…


Published November 30, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla


1.GOLD rectangle shaped hang on earings from Mr price P20

2.Nude coloured heels from Foschini P234,This colour is a must have in heels like atleast have one pair

3.Almost heart shaped hang on earings from Jewellery box,loving the design nd the colour P5.65

4.Orange long feathers ear rings from Jewellery box for P10.05,i never had any feathered earings before wasnt really interested untill the other day when i wanted to buy them and i asked the guy friend that i was with what he thought of them and he said they were ugly i left them demoralised but i couldnt stop thinking about them till i went back for them,i love them..:)

5.Green heels from fashion express P320,if you know me you know there is no way that something green in front of me in a shop shouldnt go home with me,there is no way,when i saw these shoes i was looking for red heels,i fainted when i saw them like literally fainted*am kidding lol*.I had to buy them though they were expensive and i didnt budget for them and they where the only ones that were left of my size.I just sacrifiesd and bought them…:)i look at them everyday and talk to them lol

6.Black and gold earrings Mr price P19.99

Just wanted to share with you guys my recent buys,there are like more that i will be posting still with price tags at home you cant blame me its that time of the year where impulsive buying is attacking us most fashion freaks and its time to take advantage of this time because January will be hunger strike month the only money you will be having will haveĀ  be for food lol…