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Published December 20, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Few weeks back you will remember i told you guys i wana open a boutique…its name is P.O.K Fashion Empire…P.O.K being the initials for me and my bussines partners’ names…what we do is we want to sell things that we would want to own,not just sell things to people just because its bussiness even though you know you cant or never will want to wear that or have that bag.With us we just selling our personal style.Its me, my brother and his girlfriend,we all love fashion.My brother helps with giving us his personal style and with him on board we get to sell to men with fashion sense ..i never knew he was such a fashionaista..i must encourage him to have a blog hey lol.Am glad i will be working with him and his girlfriend;we just love fashion….Anyway let me just show you some of the items we collected and selling…

SAM_0315 SAM_0226 SAM_0431

Some of our Bag collection

IMG03827-20121212-2045 IMG00071-20121210-1106(1) SAM_0294 SAM_0268 SAM_0430 IMG03828-20121212-2046 IMG03829-20121212-2047 IMG03831-20121212-2050 IMG03832-20121212-2054 Johannesburg-20121207-00681 Johannesburg-20121207-00682 IMG00074-20121210-1108 IMG00070-20121210-1106 IMG00069-20121210-1106 IMG00068-20121210-0850

Shoe collection…:)

IMG00098-20121210-1715 SAM_0269 IMG03854-20121212-2201

Summer hats…

IMG00090-20121210-1710 IMG00085-20121210-1653 IMG00082-20121210-1646 IMG03850-20121212-2153 IMG03845-20121212-2131 IMG03839-20121212-2114 IMG03840-20121212-2119 IMG03841-20121212-2121 IMG03843-20121212-2128 IMG03838-20121212-2111 IMG03837-20121212-2109 SAM_0226 SAM_0230

Some of the clothes that were first to be sold out…The maxi skirst in assorted colors,floral blazers,sleeveless shirts in assorted colors,floral skirts the list goes on and on and on..we were sold our in a week..we have to go for stock again….mmmmh God is great….xoxoxo


Good Times TRAVELLING Times:Sowetan Derby weekend

Published December 20, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

When i have a trip to take i get too excited to an extend that i cant even concentrate at work or sleep properly lol…few weeks back i took a bussiness trip with my bussiness partners to Johannesburg to purchace stock for our new boutique.This trip turned to be entertaining because it was time for Sowetan Derby (Kaizer Chiefs and Pirates) game @ Fnb soccer city stadium in Soweto.So you can imagine the hype,the fun all through the weekend.Bussiness mixed with pleasure and lots of family bonding;check out some pictures for the trip…

SAM_0064 SAM_0065 SAM_0068 SAM_0071 SAM_0074 SAM_0081 SAM_0090 SAM_0108 SAM_0114 SAM_0117 SAM_0119 SAM_0127 SAM_0128 SAM_0129 SAM_0185You can see the madness in these pictures…The Fnb stadium,that was inspired by the African calabash,our chill at the park,we braiied,drank,danced,did lotsa driving around…I had a great great time….Hope you enjoyed them pictures..lotsa love…xoxoxoxo