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OOTD:Royal goes with red…:)

Published February 20, 2013 by aquahlekkergarla

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Yes those who know me personaly will tell you a a fun to be around typer person lol…so there had to be that silly pic hahhhahaha….i love these shoes they are very very comfortable…

shoes,bag :my boutique



jewellery:mr price


Published February 20, 2013 by aquahlekkergarla

Yep my boutique is doing great i have even stopped looking for a job lol…i went for stock this last weekend and it was my birthday on saturday..i had massive fun with my Jozi good people..anyway i wana show you some of my favourite selections….Take it away…

page blck nd red studs page blue nd gold page blue studs page green sovient page guess bags page neck pieces page orange studs page purple nd gold page purse page red soviet page sissyboy purple page sissyboy page soviet purple page studs page watches SAM_0717 SAM_0720 SAM_0721 SAM_0725 SAM_0728 SAM_0731 SAM_0736 SAM_0739 SAM_0740 SAM_0745 SAM_0748 SAM_0752 SAM_0757 SAM_0761 SAM_0777 SAM_0783 SAM_0793 SAM_0796 SAM_0799 SAM_0800 SAM_0805 SAM_0808 SAM_0814 SAM_0815 SAM_0816 SAM_0818 SAM_0824 SAM_0826 SAM_0829 SAM_0836 SAM_0848