My 2013 SEALED with a HUGE apology

Published February 2, 2014 by aquahlekkergarla

I know we bloggers always give excuses when we off the field and this apology is usually the same  “i have been swamped” “sorry i have been busy”…but its true though its funny how million bloggers could have the same excuse.I know am the worst blogger ever like how can i take a year break and expect my apology to be accepted like some one who skipped blogging for a week?…well i just have to try.

Beautiful people am really really sorry for this long break,i know i have a lot to catch up on.I have to check your blogs to see how healthy yall have been.And i promise in no time i would have covered your whole 2013.Thank you for forgiving me in advance..yall rock..YIPPPPPPIIIEEEEE #tothemoonandback 🙂

Ok my 2013 in a nut shell:as you know i was single for a long time 🙂 #shyingaway# i met someone amazing 2012 27 december…(coming to think of it i think yall should blame him for my absence we got ourselves someone to blame..he is guilty i tell yall) around feb we got engaged (he doesnt waste time lol) we had our first baby everything just happened so fast.I know what yall are thinking,gosh thats too fast..engaged in a month had a baby?why didnt yall wait till after marriage? #cillPill lol he is someone i have known for 7years now..its funny how what we have been looking for is usually under our nose,back then i saw a sweet nerd and you know how back in school dating bad boys was the ish so we never got any where but just a kiss and we been friends in different towns since then,deep down i knew i liked him and he would make a great hubby and daddy.Little did i know heavens agreed with me on this one and made it happen.Our wedding we yet to plan it as we want the lil one to grow a lil bit and you are all invited heeeeehe…and about the baby iv always died to have a baby just that i was single didnt have a partner in crime after engagement it had to happen.For so many years i was troubled and traumatized by the tought of me not conceiving,like i had this strong feeling that i couldnt have kids though i never did tests and the way i love kids you can imagine.Am glad am a woman too now..:)Iam happy,when she wakes up,looks at me and smiles,she growing fast,love shopping for her..those tiny cute diva clothing i never resist even when i go to the mall i always do impulsive shopping lol its a blessing…

Business side yall know about ma boutique,i was in this bussiness with ma brother and his girlfriend and things didnt go well so now am solo and making money hard,as i have other businesses in operation and more to come.Teaming up with hubby to make that paper.So my 2013 was in a supernatural speed mode and i thank God for His grace and mercy upon my life.I will forever be grateful.HE LOVES ME SOOOOOOOO MUCH….#SO NOW CAN WE GET BLOGGING??:)




4 comments on “My 2013 SEALED with a HUGE apology

  • Oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats great news……. you are forgiven dear! you definitely got busy 🙂 lol!………..double congratulations! looking forward to seeing pics of your baby!

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