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Good Times TRAVELLING Times:Sowetan Derby weekend

Published December 20, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

When i have a trip to take i get too excited to an extend that i cant even concentrate at work or sleep properly lol…few weeks back i took a bussiness trip with my bussiness partners to Johannesburg to purchace stock for our new boutique.This trip turned to be entertaining because it was time for Sowetan Derby (Kaizer Chiefs and Pirates) game @ Fnb soccer city stadium in Soweto.So you can imagine the hype,the fun all through the weekend.Bussiness mixed with pleasure and lots of family bonding;check out some pictures for the trip…

SAM_0064 SAM_0065 SAM_0068 SAM_0071 SAM_0074 SAM_0081 SAM_0090 SAM_0108 SAM_0114 SAM_0117 SAM_0119 SAM_0127 SAM_0128 SAM_0129 SAM_0185You can see the madness in these pictures…The Fnb stadium,that was inspired by the African calabash,our chill at the park,we braiied,drank,danced,did lotsa driving around…I had a great great time….Hope you enjoyed them pictures..lotsa love…xoxoxoxo


Published November 30, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Lately things that were done back then in the old times have returned and they are given a fancy name *VINTAGE* and this style have been taken  from head to toe,like everything is retouched from the old times and am in love with the braiding.Just searched some inspiration from the net as i want to braid this weekend and am looking for a more fun and funky style to go with the festive mood…here are my picks

156392-334x500-Partial-braids156301-368x500-Teen-with-Braids156302-334x500-Microbraidsbox-braids-hairstyles5box-braids-hairstyles3box-braids-hairstyles4box-braids-hairstyles1box-braids-hairstyles9braiding-hairstyles10braiding-hairstylesbox-braids-hairstyles11box-braids-hairstylesbox-braids-hairstyles10156307-334x500-Black-braidskinky-twist-hairstyles5kinky-twist-hairstyles8kinky-twist-hairstyles1kinky-twist-hairstyles9box-braids-hairstyles8 ;

Check out some of the individual braids i did my self and i was plaiting myself guys its easy



Iam crazy about all of the above like its madness i dont know wch one to pick…which one is your favourite gauys…


Published November 29, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

From the moment she kicked started the entertainment scene,i new there was something special about her.She hails from my hometown,Mafikeng,South Africa.She is an executive producer in her own entertainment house,owns a clothing line called baby star fashions,a tv presenter,a radio personality/dj,one of the top events mcs’,she appears in magazines almost every month,she is a modeler,she has a reality show runing online like she is the IT girl and her birth name is Bonang Matheba.You cant ignore her because she is every where and she is very inspirational,She truely motivates me as she is just a year older than me and i have interest in the fashion world and will be opening a boutique soon and i have a clothing line too.I love her but mostly her fashion style baybay…I bet she has every things thats roaming in the fashion scene,from the spiked shoes,colourful denims,denim jackets nd shirts,leather clothing,animal prints,polka dots,laces,sequins and her evening gowns mostly designed by her one and only designer Gert Johan Coetzee to die for and her jewellery is dope,she shops mostly @H?&M,mr price,sandton,Zara,NY cotton,sass diva,LV the list goes on…all ubber expensive and stylish..check it out..

source:Bonang Matheba facebook fan page

Tradition rebooted

Published September 11, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

History was remade after a 30years gab at the GA-Maelete village(Ramotswa) on the 1st of Septermer as a regime of 334 men was welcomed back from a month long initiation at Tsokwane(a bushy place).This tribe is lead by a female chief and am so proud of her for bringing back something that have been put asside by most of the tribes in Botswana.

At these initiations men are taught and prepared to be real men and no one is allowed in their camp or to know what happens in the camp as the whole country is notified about it and no airplanes are allowed to pass by the camp.In this particular time two young school boys went and spyed on the camp and they were caught,if you are caught spying you have to join the camp,no negotiations.Lots and lots of rules are strictly followed.

It was a big day,happy smiles,traditional songs,ullulations,traditionsal wear every where when they were being welcomed back.we are glad they all managed to come back safe no one died craving cappucinos or salads or missing his blackberry and laptop lol…have some few pictures to show you how it was…enjoy

Proud Mothers,wives,grannies,siters and women of the community wearing traditional wear to respect and welcome the men

These necklaces are made from wild fruits seeds,He missed coke hey…hehehe,they get a piercing,not with the machines but needles and wires..

Here was after the ceremony they take each other half way,like those who are from nearby villages were taken halfway by their fellows

They are wearing leather,even that short is leather and the shoes too are made with leather,ropes

They use these horns as trumpets….to warm the villagers of their arrival when they are still on their way

RIP fellow people

Published August 17, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

I would like to take this time to give my condolenscess to the famillies that lost their loved ones yesterday in a tragedy that happened in Rusternburg ,south Africa at the mine.In a protest people should not fight to get killed,and when you protest you do not use force because you might end up dead.The police where carryin powerfull guns and you come with a machete to fight the police and expect to live,NO i dont think so.Violence is not the answer to get your salary raise.Let this be a lesson learnt because we do not want to go back to the days of apartheid and all.PEACE rest upon SOUTH AFRICA.LORD intervine for us.REST IN PEACE fellas,and may God have mercy on your souls during judgement day.


for more info check,

My Pretoria-Jozi Trip

Published August 16, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

This scarf am wearing is from USA the same like the one Soulja boy was wearing in that kiss me through the phone video lol,it is one of my treasured items in my closet.These sunglasses are char coal black,and i never keep sun glasses when i have one someone just have to ask for them and i give them away just like that.I had them for 2 weeks and now they are owned by someone else..:( anyway on the brighter side they say blessed is the hand that gives than that receiving.That upper pic is the snacks i travel with all the time,an ice tea + energade sweets +BBQ biltong and my journey is mwaaah….i never eat much ever since i saw a woman with running stomach the other time i took a long ride by bus and the bus did not have a toilet inside they left her in the bush so i never want to be the victim.At the corner there its the flats where my friend lives in Pretoria i visited him.That hand is carry my Gautrain gold card,i enjoyed the fastest train ride ever between Pretoria and Johannesburg,so am never taking anything between Pretoria and Johannesburg except for GAUTRAIN,is clean,fast and comfortable and affordable though most people feels its expensive…The chocolate mint wimpy ice cream is what i usually have when i touch down and then we have my million dollar teen smile.

That me looking like a teenager.Next is the Mandela bridge in Johannesburg.The hair band i made it myself,i had this big summer coiled hat and the coils we coming apart so i made the band with it and people love it they always ask where i bought it lol.The pic at the right upper corner is  me in the comfy Gautrain seat from Pretoria to Johannesburg.The wall  is painted with street art,love it.You can see the yellow skinnies i love so much.The welcome board is at the Gautrain station in Rosebank, yah that’s all here.

The first pic from the top is me at the gate of my home in Soweto,South Africa.It was cold and i just had to have the coffee when traveling up and down around the two cities.You can see my cousin there with a pop of pink top,she is one of my favorite cousin and we both love coffee more so that am scared its gonna get us sick lol..well that’s a rap up of my vacation with family moments,new experiences,coffe with my cousin and all.I hope next time i will be having a cam.

THOSE DAYS needs us

Published August 10, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Ever thought what you would do if you were to be forced to marry someone chosen for you???like it was done like that in the oldern days here in Africa and i think some tribes especially for the royal families  still do that today.Coming to think that falling in love comes spontaneously and when you are in love you know because your heart tells you that you are and its the little things that will attract you and people will think you are insane.It doesnt matter if that person has an ugly past,wheather he is rich or poor,ugly or cute,working or not,with children or without,you just look beyond the imperfecrtions and turn them to perfection.Just imagine that great feeling,and then boom….some random weird person is brought to you to marry because the family is rich or because he went to havard or whatever(rolling eyes)..You look at the person no part of you is moving inreaction to what you see,even when you try spend some days with that person convincing yourself that maybe he has a trait that will move you,still nada,That my friend should be a sign that he is some one else’s Adam not yours and you cant go against the universe when it warns you.What doesnt move you does move someone else like one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.Lets not push make things that are not working to work.I would just say “parents please its so not april (1 april) and grown up games are not part of my interests”(then walk away to blog about it lol).I find this cruel,giving your child away just like that?Knowing she is not happy?How did those parents live with themselves after giving away the child?or the spirit of guilt was not existing?GOSSSSH…

Our grannies had to learn to fall in love with each other.I dont know if they didnt have natural feeling to choose for them selves or they just gave up whatever feeling they had for the unchosen ones knowing there is no use in allowing yourself to feel things that wont manifest.Sometimes i just look back at how things were done in the oldern days and just be glad am a child of today…i have the choice to express my self and tell my parents..this is the guy i want to marry…you got that? am not asking for permision am just telling them.

Back then women did not have a say,they were told what to do and that was that,i would freak because i dont want to be controlled,i decide for myself,what i feel is right for me goes end of story and no one has the ability to make me change my mind.