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God’s great creations

Published October 31, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

I dont know what to say but recently friends we have been experienecing the baddest weather ever but its suppose to be spring…Like its being raining hard with ice blogs hahahahahahah….you will wake up and the whole place is filled with white mist…like i dont understand this weather even the weather forecasters are in deep ishhh….so roads been blocked due to fallen trees,power poles fell thus cuting power and internet been bad……the worst spring ever…just wanted to share this pic i took the other day..it was dark down on earth but very bright up there like i didnt understand hey…


Cool huh….It was @night….i dont know  what it was no one seems to know hey…But i thank God for such beauty,for if man cant explain it He can….

STORIES FROM MY HEAD:strength of a child of GOD

Published May 29, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

loving and not being loved back ,there she waits with patience waiting for the father of her children,it has come to that, he is just ‘the father of her children’.The hooneymoon stage is over infact it has been over the moment she bore him the first child,when she look back she just smile in denial hoping and wishing that those days they used to take long walks by the beach hand in hand,those days when he would ask how her day was,those days he suprised her with flowers at work,suprise dinners,romantic notes left around the house,being called and told that she was loves every second,would come bac again.Its like she was seeing what she has always dreamt of and it never yet hapened to her as it hapend long ago,what is  left is the memories that she can not even share with anybody but just reminise alone and have that sunshine smile on her face.

This is a powerful woman,with a strong heart,who deep down she has been scared for a long time but still endures and will stop at nothing to have her children believe all is fine in the house and have her children know that when you married you keep that vow ‘till death do us part‘ no matter what,she would protect her children from seeing her crying,she would not want them to loose respect for their father,she would pain for a happy up bringing of her children.She knows it all,that her husband does not love her as he said it more than ten times,she knows her husband gives her love to another married woman who she thought was her friend,the one they grew up together from kinder garden to university,the one that was her maid of honour,yes that one,the one she trusted with her live ,the one who knows everything about her and she would write a book bigger than daniel steel’s novels about her live and have every information on point as she know her to the core.It is so true that we get killed by those we live with,those we dine with,those we confine in.

A woman with strength that accomodates all kinds of hurricanes that life throws at her,she has been abused physically and emotinally but she still wakes up every morning with a big ,glowing smile on her face.People do not know that she cries herself to sleep every night ‘it is well’ is the words she lives with to give her courage,i would call it denial but she has so much hope that one day her live will be hers again.I would think she is stupid but noooo she is the wisest woman in the whole world,marrinated with patience and endurance.Her husband does not look at her anymore ‘you disgust me‘ are the words he told her more than once.She sleeps on the floor in their bedroom while the husband sleeps on the bed,all this is done for the sake of the children,she does not want them asking questions and sensing tension in the house,this is not the kind of life she wanted for her children,looks like history is repeating itself, could it be a generational curse? as this is how she grew up.

What could be the secret to her strength?people would wonder.A woman who has been scared most of her live torn deep deep inside into small pieces stands still on the rock of the all mighty and she proclaims that JESUS IS LORD.She knows and believes that she has a purpose in life,God will not leave her to suffer like this,she smells a breakthrough nearby,she suspects GOD is preparing her for something,God loves her and God will not let her go through situations HE knows she wont qonquer,she sees this as a promotion in life from glory to glory,even when she cries she does not ask GOD why me ?why me? she gives praises and thanks giving to the LORD,she sounds insane to me if you ask me but truth of the matter is she is not.

The waiting time comes to an end as she hears  his car pulling in the garage very late at night,he comes in smelling of alcohol,dirt,with lipsticks and perfumes left on his shirt,her fleshy eyes sees this and worry but her spiritual eyes do not see this evidence of betrayal.She prepares water for him to bath,feeds him and call him ‘my loving husband‘,she has been blessed with the fruits of the spirit *Love,patience,endurance,care and etc* she can not help it,its her nature,you would think she is trying too hard but she is not.She has been given that soft heart of flesh not a metal one,she has been given the spiritual eyes with them she does not see things the same way as we do,she is not bound to worry,worry to her pass through her as a rush through her spine for it might make her forget who she is ‘A WOMAN OF GOD MADE FROM THE RIB OF HER HUSBAND‘,she knows that biblicaly ‘1+1’ is not  equal to two but to one.In the begining a woman was made from a rib of a man so for them to get in marriage is simply returning was was removed from a man back together thus making one thing,that is why it is said that a woman will leave her family to be one with her husband.

God  hears her prayers day and night as she intercedes for her husband all the time.She tells God that she loves her husband so much and she will never loose hope in him,he is the same man she fell in love with 15 years back on her teen years,he is the man she ever knew and had him in her entire life,she knows they are destined together.

YES!! it is never a smooth sail in life when you choose to follow the LOrd ,all you need to do is stay by the word to hear what God says to you,hear all HIS promises to you,HE is not a lying GOD and HIS word stays forever.HE is the beggining and the end.This is the GOD who allows HIS children to go through situations as a test to see if they know themselves and if they have a stand,HE is saying ‘…I WILL NEVER FORSAKE YOU NOR PUT YOU IN TO SHAME’ ‘PUT YOUR BUDDENS UNTO ME’ ‘YOUR BATTLES ARE NOT YOURS BUT MINE’ ‘YOUR ENEMIES ARE MY ENEMIES’ ‘YOU DID NOT CHOOSE ME BUT i CHOSE YOU’.This is what this woman of GOD lived with,it is what built her and gave her courage,regardless of what she goes through she knows she has a loving,never lying GOD,who will always protect her from all the harms of the world,so i say TRUST,BELIEVE THAT HE IS THE LIVING GOD,THROUGH THICK AND THIN HE IS THERE,HE IS JEHOVAH SHAMMAH-GOD OUR COMPANION.AMEN!!!!


XOXOXO,HOPE YOU LIKE MY FIRST PIECE DEAR READERS *Getting my writting skills to practice*