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I heART her BIKER boots

Published September 3, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

She is 7 years old,she is my lil sister and already she wants to be me or more than me…like she loves fashion,she is always aware of whats hapening in the fashion industry and she puts outfits together for herself.I mean she is an up coming fashionista,when other kids her age cry for dolls at shops she cry for make up,nail polish and nice clothes.She tells me she wants to keep her body the way it is now,she likes ice teas,salads and eats small portions and sometimes she doesnt eat at night or if she does she springles lemon in her food hahahahahahahahahahhaahha..crrrrazy child i tell you..she talks like a grown up….she will ask me about my exes,why am single,when am i getting married and stuff…and honestly i get most advice from her lol although we find her very odd she kicks behind at school,she passes like she is a robot or something she is always number one in her school for the whole grade like overal.Can you believe she started talking at 1 and half years and she never started talking like babies do,like my other young sister when she was little and wanted to say PHOMOLO (thats my name) she would sound like PHOLLLLO but this one she pronounced most words clearly and as she grew up she was just perfecting her vocabuloury only,i think its because my mother was eating lots of  sea food when she was pregnant with her and i heard when you want a clever child you must eat lotsa sea food when pregnant and am so gonna do that lol..well hope you will love the outfit of our lil fashionista but i love her boots more they are the reason why i featured her,ever since i started this blog she was begging me to let her do a feature for kids fashion or feature her (can you imagine this child) i guess she won me with these boots and she gonna be so excited and she gonna tell her friends to check her out in the net as she rolls with the bigger fashionistas about brag queen..did i tell you she already do sleep overs at friends’ places….mmmh yah she does and i only did those when i was 17, time really changed hey…