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Sneak peak what i settled for:Braids

Published December 20, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Few weeks back i was struggling to decide which hair style to rock up as i was travelling to Johhanesburg to buy stock for my new boutique :)..well here is a sneak peak of will see my braids clearly in other posts from now…I apologise in advance for bad pictiquality…#hides

SAM_0283 SAM_0371 IMG03281-20121203-1214 IMG03282-20121203-1214




Published November 30, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Lately things that were done back then in the old times have returned and they are given a fancy name *VINTAGE* and this style have been takenĀ  from head to toe,like everything is retouched from the old times and am in love with the braiding.Just searched some inspiration from the net as i want to braid this weekend and am looking for a more fun and funky style to go with the festive mood…here are my picks

156392-334x500-Partial-braids156301-368x500-Teen-with-Braids156302-334x500-Microbraidsbox-braids-hairstyles5box-braids-hairstyles3box-braids-hairstyles4box-braids-hairstyles1box-braids-hairstyles9braiding-hairstyles10braiding-hairstylesbox-braids-hairstyles11box-braids-hairstylesbox-braids-hairstyles10156307-334x500-Black-braidskinky-twist-hairstyles5kinky-twist-hairstyles8kinky-twist-hairstyles1kinky-twist-hairstyles9box-braids-hairstyles8 ;

Check out some of the individual braids i did my self and i was plaiting myself guys its easy



Iam crazy about all of the above like its madness i dont know wch one to pick…which one is your favourite gauys…