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Published November 15, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla




Its been a while since i have been stalking your blogs and i just had to start this section of BLOG CRUSH so that other people could visit your blogs and see what a great job yall portraying.So it is a great honour to be presenting to you Blair the owner of,Boy do i love it or do i love it lol..her fashion sense is just out of this planet like she goes all the way no boundaries with her,she plays with different textures and put them together which most of us are never sure of.I have learned a lot about textures and color from her..and her jewellery is the bom…..visit her blog and you will see what am talking about…Thank you the bestest…kisses your way…

Fashion w/t limits:DurbanJuly

Published July 10, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Durban July is an event organised by Vodacom(a cellphone network service provider in SouthAfrica).In this day fashion is expressed without limitation,your creativity is just allowed to go all the way,you can go as far as designing a dress with leaves,grocery plastic bags,plate numbers,horns,grass just whatever you find is appreciated.It takes place at Durban,SouthAfrica,all roads were facing Durban this past weekend as people were flocking to this big city.This big day is an opportunity to let your hair down and show off your creativity in an eye-catching outfit for the big day. Based on the year’s theme ofcorse, racegoers are encouraged to put together garments for raceday that add to the special occasion. The competitive-minded designers enter the raceday competitions, and the edgy and daring are showcased in the Avant Garde raceday competition.There is horse racing,betting,food,fashion,musicand just everything.Its actually one of the biggest events in Africa attended by people from all over the world….i was more interested in the fashion part….just too much hey…..check out creativity meets fashion….



Published June 6, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

The house is divided into two theres the upville which is for VIP’s and downville which is for just anyone who entered the competition and mates get upgraded into upville by Africa’s votes…so this beautiful interior and exterior is for Upville..i love the royal colors and funiture used in it hey..ecstatic…

I so love downville too with its bright colors..colors been blocked …i would love my house if it was to be like this.

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