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Choral Music is FUN

Published July 6, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

A while ago a friend of mine invited me to a music competition and this competition was sponsored by the President Of Botswana,my friend’s choir scooped first position and imagine it was their first time to take part into these competitions am so proud of them.This music competition is choral kinder of Music,i loved different kinds of attires that the groups wore…it was a beautiful day music lovers were going one direction,Choir members not eating anything sweet for several days before the competition to avoid scratching their voices, i think they where even drinking cooking oil instead of water to smoothen the pipe and the voice box lol..am kidding am not sure but at my elementary school we were given cooking oil and half cooked maize to eat,we were told they made our voices to come out nicely we were not allowed to eat sweets and if you happened to eat them a rod was going to cross your butt lol..wow elementary memories hey…anyway lets check the pictures…The winners of the competition… i HEART their colorful attire

                     Me and the guys from another choir

                                                                                                        Me and the boys

This guy is my older brother’s friend and he was in a choir too singing,pity my brother does not have interest,funny because my dad used to sing choral music i dnt know why he is not interest i thought boy child must copy dad aish…anyway am sorry for some photos with bad quality its because i was a bit far at the back and using both my phone and my camera…..





Published June 13, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Been weeks wanting to publish this post but work just had to be massive,like my boss took a leave of 3 weeks to India and i was left alone in the office you can imagine the irritating phone rings,i finally finished compiling this post anyway and am stund for days.

FreakAzoid is a dance crew from Gaborone, Botswana, that interpretes music in a very entertaining manner. It consists of 4 lovely,sweet,talented ,hardworking,swaggalicious home breed guys ie;Jones Pierre,Salim L,Linda Blink and Kyar Miel.When they dance you will think they are not Africans because they are too talented,they have taken dancing to another level,very professional and they dont only dance hip hop ,they have incorporate other types of dances that they learned on their journey as they got more experienced and mingled with the revolutionary dance world,a bit of cramping,dance hall,and etc.They have a very intense electrifying display of art, straight up interpretation of the beauty in music, sound and instrumentals with lots of  story telling through dance.I go a bit personal with them because they were my juniors at varsity and we were in a dance club together and they ended up showing interested in my clothing label*Which i will get in to a lil bit later in one of my future posts* and they represented it,wore it to their perfomances and stuff…looking at where these guys come from iam just too excited for them because they started small nd never gave up because they are big dreamers,every opportunity that presented itself they never allowed it to pass them through and iam their biggest fan yey!!*Shaking pompoms*.They have achived a lot besides always winning the battles with other dance crews on the street,they won in a local talent show called ‘My African Dream’ and they took part in the ‘BATTLE OF THE STARS’ competition organised by my African Dream crew,they were featured in a local music video and a local poet’s video and recently have taken the SHAKEDOWN *an up coming tv show that will be on the local television station*auditions by storm and the streets has it that they are currently featured in an on going shooting of a music video of a local artist *Talk about busy bees chasing that paper*.They have built their reputation  in the Botswana entertainment scene because of their high standard entertaining perfomances and working a lot with high rated local celebrities.IAM PROUD of them…#clapHands

All the quard members;from left its;Linda Blink (The reserved one,he allows his dancing to speak for him),Kyar Miel(He is our Chris Brown,He dances,behaves,walks,dress like him),Jonnes Pierre(This one we love his almost chinese eyes,even when he is not on his charming tip he is charming,we can say a born charmer,i think his wife will be lucky in the future and yep he dances like crazy),Salim L(OOOh Salim Salim,you know the leading guy in stomp the yard 1,the one who ends up doing Meagan Good,*cant believe i fogot his name,am crazy about that dude,his name just flew from my mind#sad* yah him,this Salim dude when he dances he always reminds me of that guy,even a friend of mine said it then i figured i wasnt imagining things lol);I love these guys jo…but i dont think they know…

This Dope art is theirs,i HEART it,i imagine it in Green oooh yah…

Yeah Man#usherVoice…;)

Swaggaed up for a perfomance..mind blowing one for sure

I told you *swagged up for a mind blowing perfomance*

VIP section…LOL…

When they were representing my clothing label to a perfomance

The poster of the competition they entered

Rocking them high school baseball jackets

About to blow the SHAKEDOWN judges away

I think they were showing off #rollingEyes…it hurts how they are skilled lol..doing what they do best,my boys for years..

Caught in action

You can catch them on their facebook page,just search FreakAzoidBw and you will find them.Hope you LOVE them too nw…:)



A Beautiful blogger award

Published June 7, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

‘Giving time, blessing time’ This is what we usually shout at my church when its time to give,For we are told that the more we give the more we get blessed.So i would just like to thank yet again my beautiful talented Africa writter of http://readinpleasure.wordpress.com as she nominated me for this award…she is such a sweetheart,may the good Lord our God bless her and continue to shower her with HIS glory day and night,i thank God for you darls…GREEEN kisses and hugs your way.

With this award after receiving it the following is what you should do;

  • Thank & Link-back to your nominator:which i did,she has the most beautiful blog ever click here and you will never move from her blog,hooked is what will happen to you.
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Kim Hyun Joong

Published May 11, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

One thing i have realised is that in the whole world Asia tops in most of the things..like it tops in inventing most of the things and fashion wise….these people are given,am more stund by Asian guys they have the strongest fashion sense ever and below i got one of my favourite Asian actor,model,singer,songwriter,musician Kim Hyun Joong *talk about GOD given cutenes+talent+fashion sense woooow*,he inspire me to have a boy child to an extend that i already know what my future boy child will be wearing and where he will be getting his clothes…i follow this guy a lot because like i said he is an inspiration plus he is CUTE who wouldnt want to follow him..He acts in boys over flowers and playful kiss and i have watched them a trillion times,to know more about him go to www.hyunjoongiee.livejournal.com and to watch his movies go to www.viki.com and search them you will be blown away its a gurantee.


Big Brother celebrity housemates 7 unveiled

Published May 3, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

It’s that time again in Africa where we will be seated watching our favorite Big brother africa show.hotchocolates(check),warm mini blankets (check),dstv subscription(check),lunch bar man size(check),warm animated sleepers(check)….whooah i am ready.here are our first 7 housemates unveiled already:

•Stylish entertainer, stand-up comedian and television pro DKB from Ghana (26)

•Tough, talented rap icon Prezzo from Kenya (32)

•Award-winning songstress Lady May from Namibia (25)

•Boldly dramatic pop music sensation Goldie from Nigeria (28)

•Famed socialite, model and businesswoman Barbz from South Africa (34)

•Unforgettable, highly successful R&B diva Mampi from Zambia (25)

•Unique and hugely popular, soulful musician Roki from Zimbabwe (27)

Cant wait for others ..stay tuned..i will explain later about this program now i gato bounce..ciaoo…