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Tradition rebooted

Published September 11, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

History was remade after a 30years gab at the GA-Maelete village(Ramotswa) on the 1st of Septermer as a regime of 334 men was welcomed back from a month long initiation at Tsokwane(a bushy place).This tribe is lead by a female chief and am so proud of her for bringing back something that have been put asside by most of the tribes in Botswana.

At these initiations men are taught and prepared to be real men and no one is allowed in their camp or to know what happens in the camp as the whole country is notified about it and no airplanes are allowed to pass by the camp.In this particular time two young school boys went and spyed on the camp and they were caught,if you are caught spying you have to join the camp,no negotiations.Lots and lots of rules are strictly followed.

It was a big day,happy smiles,traditional songs,ullulations,traditionsal wear every where when they were being welcomed back.we are glad they all managed to come back safe no one died craving cappucinos or salads or missing his blackberry and laptop lol…have some few pictures to show you how it was…enjoy

Proud Mothers,wives,grannies,siters and women of the community wearing traditional wear to respect and welcome the men

These necklaces are made from wild fruits seeds,He missed coke hey…hehehe,they get a piercing,not with the machines but needles and wires..

Here was after the ceremony they take each other half way,like those who are from nearby villages were taken halfway by their fellows

They are wearing leather,even that short is leather and the shoes too are made with leather,ropes

They use these horns as trumpets….to warm the villagers of their arrival when they are still on their way