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Published October 18, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

mmmmmmmmmmmmmh#stretching my self out of bed….:)Morning my lovelies…iam in a great mood and its color is green,full of energy and life.The skies are white and blues and the ground is wet due to last night’s rain and for the couple of weeks back it was raining and i was so happy because i love cool weather,Africa is way too hot like no wonder we are so black black lol….i dont know how people around me are always happy to be in this brain melting heat.At times when am sweating on my face i would freak and run to the mirrior to chek if am really sweating sweat not my brain melting down lol…crazy right..

Anyway i have realised that love plays an intergral part of each and every person,like we are united by love because everyone knows it,is looking for it and loves it.But in my opinion i say a few in the whole  world have experienced it,i would like to call them the fortunate ones,the ones that God’s hand of favour is stalking.Like sometimes we will think we are in love only to find out we are not or we where never inlove.If you are going to disagree with me here is what you should be having,your first love as your husband/wife,i will expect you to not have a single ex,because when there is an ex it shows you onces thought you where in love…:)

People love each other because of something they have or something they want to gain from those people.For example it could be for the riches,connections to the people in high places,physical appearance and etc.Like i believe one has not experienced love or will never know what love is if he/she has not heared or experienced the love of God.First of all we need to know that God is love,He knows love more than any love guru in the entire life.He is sure what love is because it is him.

He is someone who brought his one and only beloved sin free son to this sinful world to die for the sinners who do not even respect him nor acknowledge him even after all he did for them?who can do that?NO ONE…someone who loves you regardless of what you do/did,whether you are an albino,disabled,ugly,unemployed,poor,dying of HIV,dying of cancer,smelling,a home less person,a prostitute,a pimp,a raper,a killer,Been to prison for years,a drug dealer etc…like just mention one pesron who can do or be atleast like God,and just fall inlove with one of the kind of people i mentioned above.We always want to fall in love with the clean,the healthy ones,the rich,the educated,the stable in life,the beautiful and etc….We forget what really counts…The heart…

The reason why God loves the way he does is because of the heart he has,he loves us looking at the heart too,he doesnt feel pity for us but he truely loves us.Until we can love like him,fall inlove not based on what we have or what we look like i would say we got pure true love going on.Natural love,the kind that we dont force,like the love a mother has for his/her child,thats the kind of love that we should have for our life partners.A mother’s love for her family is unconditional,even if her child could be sick,be a thief,kill people,she still loves him/her and we call that love.

The problem is people confuse lust with love but these are two different things.Lust is a desire that is stimulated by a superficial impression of the object of passion with a selfish consideration in mind,it is backed up by a certain motive all the time and Love cannot be explained,we just know its characteristics that we can identify it with,From the book of life #theBible its says;love is patient and kind,love does not envy or boast,it is not arrogant or rude,it does not insist on its  own way,it is not irritable or resentful,it does not rejoice at wrong doing but rejoices with truth,love bears all things,believes all things,hopes all things,endures all things (1corinthians 13:4-7).All the characteristics describes God,He is all of them.So as for those who think/say are inlove with their partners, is your love like this love??ask yourself.Love gurus have confused us saying love is hard work,you can learn to love someone,love is an investment and stuff  they are killing us to not find true love,love is not hard work if its this kind of love.It comes natural without you investing nor putting much work in dont have to buy someone expensive jewelleries to get them to love you that is not love its bussines.

I wish the way we think we know love could be the right love that we know not the love we read about from the magazines,the love based on a human mind’s assumptions.It is true that we are nothing without GOD.He knows us best than we think we know ourselves,We need him to discover some of the things we dont know about ourselves.Just like network providers knows their connections nd stuff and when we have a problem with out phone internets and stuff we consult them because they made it,they know all about it.Because we are made by God why cant we go back to him and consult him about things that we dont know about ourselves???

Just meditate on this phrase often and see what will happen in your life…..“Dear Jesus, I want real love and to be loved unconditionally. Please forgive me of my sins and show me what is real love. I surrender my heart to you and ask that you take control of my life now. Thank you.”

mmmmh…i feel light after writting this its like it has been a burden to share with you all.Iam sure that indeed i will touch millions of  lives out there.God bless you all…PEACE…

He Charmed me

Published August 29, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Words have escaped me

alone i lay still and rested by love’s beat

waiting beneath the lids of my eyes

her smile incites warmth

Bathed in innocence

she visits my dreams

to sow seeds of admiration

inside of moments sweet as this

i melt and fall onto desire’s lips

silence not broken

still frozen time

gazing at her photo crying

for her desire

her respect

her touch


to one day be mine



Published June 14, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

I didnt know what to write about as am currently stressed out a bit because am kind of broke so am just kind of down,i decided to post these pictures that my little sisters took me last night at home and since i love green,my heart settled a bit but when am done with this post i know my heart will be beating fast again stressing.I wish i was a little girl again because when iam broke like this and my mother knows about it,she will take her last cents and give them to me which will be helpful but i would feel bad for taking an old woman’s last money,i feel God is looking at me with that eye.These are the times i wish i had a boyfriend who will cuddle me up when am down*#holdingMyChin*…enough with my problems.I can see you beginning to be depressed too so on with the photos…enjoy…:(#noLetMeTryAgain..:)

I think next time i should try green make up….:)



Tell me about yourself award

Published May 31, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

OOOOOH wow my first blog award ever,i was too bussy today with work plus there was a memorial service as we lost one of our collegue at work so i was really bussy but as i was about to knock off i realise that i have been given an award..oh MY GOD!#eyes wide open…what a supprise by my dear friend of,one of the best writers i have come across so far.Thank you so much love, a bunch of rainbow kisses coming your way you are the best…iam too excited..:) you sealed my day.

There are only a few simple rules to accepting this award:

1. Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link back to their blog.  well (Done)

2. Tell the world 7 things about yourself that you have not yet shared.

* I own a clothing label called paw clothing line

* My favourite car is Jaquar XF awww!!!if i could have a black one i will be complete

* Iam darkphobic like iam afraid of the dark,i cant sleep in the dark, the light has to be ON!! or else no one in the house is sleeping

* I have a dream of staying in Cape town,South Africa,it is such a beautiful place

* I can dance to anything,yes anything,just tune in whatever kind of music i will show you,its just a talent 😉

* Do anything to me but dont LIE to me

* Iam cokeholic

3. Nominate 7 fellow bloggers and let them know. Here they are in no particular order: Please stop by and visit them if you can.They are wonderful blogs in their own rights, yes sir/madame!