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FOOD:When i fished the meal

Published September 19, 2012 by aquahlekkergarla

Lately i have been stirring up the Chief Chef inside me and am enjoying it,the meals i prepare are enjoyed by those who get to eat them and usually there are no left  overs when i cook in that chef state mood.So i made something with fish for a change because my family loves red meat,chicken and turckey so i switched to fish,i was nervous they wont like it but to my suprise they agreed that fish becomes one of our meals now and then thanx to me,now the only problem is that am expected to cook it all the time,i better teach my little sister.

I used vinegar for the smell of the fish after cleaning it up and removing the head,marinated it with a mixture of fish spice,eggs,other spices and flour,it was so good..and yet it was my first time to prepare proud of my self hey…