This blog is for a down to earth African girl living somewhere down Africa,i will be sharing my thoughts,experiences,my day to day doings,my culture,relationships,my GOD,all most everything happening around me.stay tuned……                                                                Grass houses

                                                                      Mud house

                                                                  Rock house

                                                                    Wood house

                                                             Modern house

                                                              Traditional dance



                                                                The capital city

                                                            Shopping mall


and more and more…After all Africa is not like its animals all over like most people in other continents think…keep it logged you will see and learn a lot from this blog….

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    • ooh wow thank you so much for your response it means a lot to me..Africa is very intereting…May the good Lord keep you under HIS wings..:) am so excited..your blogs are a true inspiration….HE is an awesome papa this GOD we serve…

  • Thank you for stopping by my page. I look forward to your postings. I have been to Africa years ago and I must admit that it’s not all like how it’s assumed to look. God bless all your endeavors in Christ Jesus.

    ~ Terra

    • thank you so much sister Terra your postings are inspirational and i will keep following your post…(newstalker in the block) lol…yeah neh..you are welcome …may you stay blessed too….:)#humbled

  • Aquahlekkergarla, go to your dashboard and drag a widget for follow, so people can follow you. Also add wordpress.com to the end of your address,otherwise when people click on your link it is taking us somewhere else. I had to keep trying to get to you earlier. Here is what your link should look below.https://aquahlekkergarla.wordpress.com Thats why you are not getting followers. If you need help let me know.Thanks for stopping by blogs.

  • I have travelled to North Africa 17 times, I love it. Even tho I didn’t had the chance yet to visit the South, it s on my plan for the next years. Keep on blogging 😀

  • Hey love! You’re blog is inspiring and I love the fact that you focus on your country: SOUTH AFRICAAAA!!! Ooh goshh one day I will go there for sure..but then I will need a local to get around…guess I’ve found one now!. This is supercool and keep up the good work showing us all the good things from your side of the world!!!!
    xo, Jey.

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    Thanks a lot!


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